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Purity is more than a taste, it's a philosophy.

Welcome to Aerobic Water

Healthy, pure, great-tasting water.

Aerobic water is proud to deliver the best water solutions to homes and offices in area of North East Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas

It tastes great!

Aerobic Water has a light, fresh, clean taste you’ll love for tea, coffee, or all by itself.

It's pure!

Aerobic Water consistently tests at less than 4 parts per million/Total Dissolved Solids.

It's good for the environment!

We use technology yielding bottles that biodegrade in just 18 months.

It's convenient!

We’ll deliver Aerobic Water right to your door, at home or at the office.

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Purity to the Max

Aerobic Water consistently tests at less than 4 parts per million/Total Dissolved Solids
(often testing at 2 ppm).

Health Certificates

It’s 99.99% free of sodium, chemicals, chlorine, bacteria, parasites, rust and sediment, aluminum and other heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides, industrial solvents (phenols), and lead.

Quality Water Standard

Our strict program of quality control ensures consistent purity for you and your family. Water samples are analyzed on a daily and monthly basis by both in-house and private laboratories as well as the State Health Department.

Deep Water Filtration

Aerobic Water’s unique nine step customized purification and energizing process is a company secret! But we can tell you that the process includes (but is not limited to) submicron filtration, activated carbon filtration, ozonation, ultraviolet light, energy enhancement, and reverse osmosis.

Shortly About Us

Learn about Aerobic Water

In the mid-1980s, a creative entrepreneur from Greenville, Texas designed a unique water purification process. His aim was to create an energized, oxygen rich water in the same purity class as distilled water (less than 10 parts per million of total dissolved solids – 10ppm/TDS). He wanted his pure water to contain as much health enhancing oxygen as possible. And he wanted this wonderful refined water to taste fresh, pure, and light.

And for more than 25 years, Aerobic Water has consistently tested at less than 6ppm/TDS.


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The taste of the water is amazing and we appreciate the warm customer service

Joe Kilgore
Charles Schwab, Greenville, TX

Switching to Aerobic Water has made a great difference in our co-working space. All our tenants have commented on the quality of the water, thanks!

Steve Lawson
The Landing and Leadership Transformation, Greenville, TX

As part of the food industry, we understand the importance of pure water. Aerobic Water works for us because it’s purification process delivers the purity we need.

Nathan Pinto
Farm2Cook LLC.
Serving North East Texas,

Oklahoma and Arkansas.