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Simply pure, clean and refreshing, without any calories, additives or after taste. Perfect for low sodium diets or any other distilled water uses.






Does Alkaline Water Promote Health?

Manufacturers of water ionizers state that their products produce more alkaline water, which allows your body to better absorb minerals and antioxidants from water. Are these health claims real? Do you recommend ionizers?


Home water ionizers are just the latest twist in the ongoing effort to promote the notion that alkaline water is somehow protective of your health. The underlying idea is that you can prevent disease by balancing your body's pH. Promoters claim that alkaline water is energizing, hydrates the body more effectively than regular water, improves the taste of food when used in cooking, promotes "regularity," helps the body absorb nutrients more effectively, and on and on. I've even seen claims that it can cure everything from obesity and high blood pressure to breast cancer.

None of these claims are true. Furthermore, your body needs absolutely no help in adjusting its pH. Normally, the pH of blood and most body fluids is near seven, which is close to neutral. This is under very tight biological control because all of the chemical reactions that maintain life depend on it. Unless you have serious respiratory or kidney problems, body pH will remain in balance no matter what you eat or drink.


As for water, you should consider the fact that alkaline water is common throughout the western states but to my knowledge it has not protected anyone from the diseases and disorders that occur elsewhere in the U.S.

The health claims for water ionizers and for alkaline water are bogus. Save your money.
                                                                                                                            - Andrew Weil, M.D.

What is bottled water?

"Bottled water" or "drinking water" is sealed in a food-grade container, meets all applicable state and federal standards, and is sold for human consumption. Bottled water must be free of sugar or other sweeteners, calories or chemical additives. Flavored bottled water contains less than one percent of flavor extracts by weight of the product. Some bottled waters contain natural or added carbonation. Aerobic Water is just pure water, with no flavor or carbonation added


Is bottled water safe?


Yes! Bottled water is strictly regulated by the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Texas Department of Health. Aerobic Water is 99.99% free of all contaminants.


Is bottled water "better" than tap water?

Many people prefer bottled water because of its guaranteed quality and taste. Bottled water is regulated as a food product, while tap water is regulated as a utility. Bottled water is sealed in a sanitary container before it travels to you. Tap water travels to you through an assortment of pipes and storage tanks. Some people can detect the taste of chlorine in tap water. Constant attention to the purification process and consistent taste make Aerobic Water a choice you can be sure of.


How should bottled water be stored?

Store your bottled water in a cool (comfortable room temperature), dry place away from household cleaning products or chemicals such as paint, gasoline, or solvents. The FDA has not established a shelf life for bottled water - you can use Aerobic Water indefinitely if you store it properly.


Will bottled water stored for a long time pick up a plastic taste from the bottle?

The type of plastic used for Aerobic Water is high quality, food grade plastic that will not give your stored water a plastic taste.


I never drink water.
I'm afraid it will become habit-forming
. -W.C. Fields


Simply pure, clean and refreshing, without any calories, additives or after taste. Perfect for low sodium diets or any other distilled water uses. Order today!

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